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The US Navy has commisioned a secretive agency, known as "Genius Operations Overseeing Secret Eirenarchs" or GOOSE to develop specialized robotic intelligence capable of spying on their enemies. Despite years of failure, and having nothing to show for their investment beyond small sentry robots, the government kept GOOSE employed under the promise of a new artificial intelligence robot.

Enter SIM (Surfactant Integrated Machine), a small robot capable of intuitive thought, imprissioned in GOOSE's covert submarine. Despite being equiped with a freeze ray and a unique ability to harness the immense energy stored within bubbles, SIM was unable to escape the USS GOOSE and its confusing cooridors. SIM bid their time until one day, a mighty squid attacked the vessle, rupturing it in twain. Seeing this as their opportunity to escape while their captures were engaged in combat, SIM coated themselves in a bubble and snuck out of the USS GOOSE.
Play as SIM as you struggle to make your way to the surface of the grave of the USS GOOSE and defeat the GOOSE Divers, Sentries, and Squids that stand in your way.

Mouse and Keyboard Controls:
Move/Menus: WASD
Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Left Mouse
Dash: Right Mouse
Menu Select: ENTER

Gamepad Controls:
Move/Menus: Left Joystick
Aim: Right Joystick
Shoot: Right Trigger
Dash: Left Trigger
Menu Select: A

Enemy projectiles and ice will break your bubble.
Picking up bubbles will restore your health (and bubble size will increase).
Dash to make a quick get away (at the cost of some health).
Ice will build up on objects when shot, make sure to hit enemies directly to damage them.

Press ESC to quit at any time.


Developed by:

Tristan Mansfield (@narbis)

Brandon Mikulsky (@cyphyrGriffon)

Ryan Vanden Boomen (@tnwog)



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