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Global Game Jam 2018 Submission

Art: Logan Bethke, Nick Brost, Joshua Frederick

Programming: Tristan Mansfield, Ryan Vanden Boomen

Keyboard or Controller needed

1 Player

Designed with a guitar-based controller in mind, you, an intergalactic punk rocker, come across a strange transmission. Venturing into deep space with sick riffs rocking in your ship, The Clash, Switch back and forth from piloting and gunning in third person to repairing and reloading your twin "Sex Pistol" cannons using guitar chords.

Guitar to Controller Mappings (for non-standard guitars):

  • Green->A
  • Red->B
  • Yellow->Y
  • Blue->X
  • Orange->LB
  • Strum->D-Pad Up/Down
  • Whammy->Right Stick X
  • Start->Start


Space Pirate Radio 188 MB

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