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Enter A World Of Full-Motion Assassination

Agent 47,

Your next target is Robert Wellington, better known as "Chief Beef". He recently been found to be colluding with Dave Lang, worrying everyone on earth about his next move. Your goal is to: Sneak into his exclusive party, Find out what his next move is, and, if necessary, bring an end to "Chief Beef".

Created by: Ryan Vanden Boomen

This is a live-action adventure game developed for Giant ROM 4, the Giant Bomb fan game jam.

Featuring Original Music by: BASEMATH

All additional copyrighted content has been appropriately licensed according to their creators terms. (So, yes, I went out of my way to license "Lock Down" for this video game (It's actually not that expensive, tbh))

Keyboard or Controller Needed

Filesize: Over 600mb!


Unity Version!!! 641 MB

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